Evan Bourcier
Evan Bourcier
Director Of Photography

I Make Pretty Pictures.

At least that’s a very basic distillation of my job as Director of Photography. You can see some of my work in the banner above, and more (including my full demo reel) in the projects below.

I love my wife, real food, strong visual choices, collaboration, and long walks on the beach. I hate writing bios, and like meeting new people.

I’ve spent a lot of my career traveling and working with small crews in remote locations from Iceland to Ghana. I find simple is usually better, and even when working on big budget commercials I tend towards simple solutions.

Whether in charge of a large GnE crew or taking street photos with my Leica, I think respect for your team and your subject are of top importance - no room for Divas.

I’m always interested in creating with new people on different kinds of projects.

Oh and I really want to shoot a short this year.

So yeah, let’s work together.

The Work

2018 Demo Reel - An abridged collection of my work

Clark University - We Are Clark

Discovering Heaven - Documentary Short

Walmart - Grocery/In-App Ordering


WV Lotto - It Could Happen To You