Photo Workshops

Hey guys! My name is Evan Bourcier and I'm a commercial Director of Photography - which means I'm in charge of how things look in commercials, music videos, etc. 
I've also spent time as a portrait and commercial photographer, and shot stills during documentary projects in countries like Haiti and Ghana.

I get friends asking me all the time about how to get the most out of their cameras, whether that be deciding what to buy, or which settings to use with what they own.
I recently decided that I'd like to do a few classes on the basics of photography, and I could add on video/filmmaking if there was interest.

This class will be applicable for people who just want to use their phone to take pictures of their kids all the way on up to professional portrait and wedding photographers. No gear is required, but if you have equipment you're welcome to bring it!

The goal for me is to help you get the most out of the gear you have, and help make you a better photographer overall. I'm entirely open to suggestions on things you want to know more about, feel frustrated with, or anything else you'd want help with.


These are a few topics I see as important to cover, but I'm open to suggestions:
Kinds of cameras/Lenses
Basic camera functions
Exposure - Shutter Speed ISO and Aperture
White Balance - How to use it creatively
Lighting - Natural light and Artificial light
Composition - framing up a beautiful shot
Gear - tripods, speedlites, cameras - Pro/Budget options.





Realistically we could start this within the next few weeks. Outdoor stuff is obviously easier as things warm up, but most can be taught indoors, and we can always pop outside and then warm up with some coffee ;) If there are any schedule limitations for you please mention them in the form below. If there's enough interest we can do more than one.

Realistically I would prefer to do something like a 2-4 hour block of time, but if you'd rather do like 1hr/week for a few weeks note that below.


The goal of this class is to be helpful, not profitable. That being said, I've found that often free teaching gets quickly dismissed. The current tentative pricing is $100/person, but please reach out to me at if financials are an issue. Given that most local family portrait/senior photo gigs start at over $150 for a 1 hour shoot, I think you'll quickly make your money back ;)

Name *
Would you prefer 1 longer class, or multiple shorter classes? Also note any schedule preferences - day of week, time of day etc.
How much would you want this class to cost?
Tentative plan is to be local to Springfield MA - if that's too far for you note your location.

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