Let me hook you up.

Digital Sputnik - Email Kaur@DigitalSputnik.com and tell him I sent you - he can give you 15% off digital sputnik goodies.

Quasar Science - Go to https://www.quasarscience.com/pages/sales - list whatever you want, and put "SSFG5000" in the "message" box for 10% off and free shipping over $1k!

Bright Tangerine

The Code is EVANFBGB 

This code will work for 2 weeks on the kits listed below, so if you want a misfit (love mine) or a Viv now is the time to do it! 

The code will give 20% off the kit and any accessories associated with the kits i.e brackets , flags, matts and donuts 

B1230.0014 Misfit Kit 1
B1230.0015 Misfit Kit 2
B1230.0016 Misfit Kit 3
B1230.0017 Misfit Kit 4

B1210.0010 VIV Kit 1
B1210.0011 VIV Kit 2 

B1210.0012 VIV 5 Kit 1
B1210.0013 VIV 5 Kit 2

Coming Soon: Inovativ Carts