A New Outlet!

Because everyone knows I didn't have enough outlets already.

 Photo by Justin Derry

Photo by Justin Derry

I finally got some time to re-launch my personal site after the switch to supersecretfilmblog.com!

Now that I've had a few weeks to re-assess things, lost some weight (16lbs so far!), bought a new camera (amira!), and uh I dunno.. just chill? I feel super excited for 2017 and the opportunities that lie ahead of all of us. This blog is one of those opportunities.

This blog will most likely be more personal and slightly less active than the main blog - a place for me to share gear thoughts, Fuji Frames, and youtube videos that don't necessarily fit the larger brand. There's some cool stuff coming to Youtube and Patreon this week, as well as a killer (best yet) podcast with Ryan Booth. 

Anyway, I'm leaving this one short. But there will be more. Thank you all for bearing with me during the few weeks of flipping stuff around I've been doing lately - let's crush 2017.

 - Evan